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“The time is NOW”. That’s my latest mantra. After the sudden death of more that one of my friends (who were my age), I decided that the time was now for this shot at following my passion for travel.  You name it and I’m up for it: mountains or beach, hot or cold, fancy or simple, relaxing or active, near or far, I’m ready to go! It is said that if you love your work, it is really not work and so was born KAK Travel and Tours. You may have guessed that the initials stand for Karla, Ashley, Kayla. The three of us have created a boat load  (that’s a lot) of memories as we have traversed across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean and I thought it only appropriate to include them in the name of this adventure. It has been such a joy sharing new places with them as they have grown into beautiful and responsible young women. They are my inspiration, along with friends who rave about their favorite cities like Boston and New York City and other friends who swear by outdoor adventures in Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii. And I want to humbly thank friends and family who have allowed me to plan travel for them. It is such a blessing to be able to work with you and share your excitement.

In 2016, I began researching the travel business by attending conferences with other agents. Yes, there are still agents, well over 100,000, or as we like to be called now “advisors”. The internet has turned this industry on its head by giving access directly to customers. No longer do we need agents to be order takers and make airline reservations or provide information on the latest, greatest hotel in Europe. However, the pendulum has swung a full 180 degrees. The internet is awash with information. Many consumers say it is too much information to process and don’t have the time to sift through options, reviews, ratings, etc. And then there is the need for the patience to plan all of the logistical details necessary to complete a complex trip of a lifetime. Some have it; some don’t. Enter the Travel Advisor.

In her article “10 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent”, Janeen Christoff perfectly explains the value of using an advisor. Basically, we offer services to the consumer who doesn’t want to spend hours researching the internet and we can often provide value added suggestions to make trips more personal and memorable.  We have experience or if we don’t have direct experience, we know someone (tons of people) who do have the experience. We can solve the problems and answer questions using resources the consumer does not have, and most of all, we LOVE to share the world with folks. In a nutshell, that’s it.  That’s what I do now and I couldn’t be more excited. My own “Gotta Go” list has grown due to all of the research and education that has been a part of prepping for this journey and I truly want to help others create, and then check off, destinations on their own “Gotta Go” lists too. So follow me on Facebook and on Instagram and look for helpful travel articles and my own personal travel experiences in this blog. There’s a great big world out there…let’s go see it!

Hugs always,


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